The 4 Categories of Trane Air Conditioners

Since 1931, Trane has been providing reliable, high-quality air conditioners, making a name for itself among consumers. But customers can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there. For those considering air conditioner replacement, we’ll break down the four categories of Trane air conditioners available to consumers today.

XL20i—Humidity Control and Ultra Efficiency

Trane Air Conditioners - XL20i

Trane Air Conditioners - XL20i

This is the “mac daddy” of air conditioners, using Comfort-R™ technology to provide humidity control. Not only does this provide cooler air during the summer, it shoots out warmer air in the winter, thanks to fans that operate at slower speeds during the unit’s start-up.  Because Comfort-R™ creates less humidity, consumers will enjoy a few other benefits, as well, including a reduction in dust mites, since these little creatures thrive in humid environments.

Another feature included in the XL20i is a higher efficiency rating—20.00, which puts this unit among the highest-rated in efficiency on the market. With separate compressors for milder weather and more extreme weather, the XL20i acts like two completely different units while taking up the space of one.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the XL20i includes ComfortLink II, which allows each of your unit’s components to transmit information to each other. This allows your unit to self-charge, as well as having components work in unison throughout the system’s lifetime. A separately sold telephone module puts mobile control in your hands, allowing you to change the unit’s settings from your phone.

The XL20i is available in four sizes: two ton, three ton, four ton, and five ton.

XL15i—Trane’s Quietest Model

Trane Air Conditioners - XL15i

Trane Air Conditioners - XL15i

One noticeable difference in today’s air conditioning and heating units is sound. Unlike units of the past, today’s systems operate silently in the background. The Trane XL15i is the quietest single-stage Trane model. Like the XL20i, the XL15i is highly efficient, saving you valuable money on your electric bills. This is due to Trane’s superior construction that makes operation more efficient.

The XL15i has a sound insulator around the compressor, as well as an advanced fan system that helps it operate both quietly and efficiently. A Weather Guard protects it against damage from the elements—important in a unit that will be stored outside.

XL15i has an efficiency rating of 16.0, putting it above the requirements for Energy Star qualification. Not only will having Energy Star-rated appliances save money on heating and cooling your house, you may be eligible for tax credits.

XR15—Efficiency, Performance, and Tax Credits, Too

Trane Air Conditioners - XR15

Trane Air Conditioners - XR15

The Trane XR15 has an Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 17.00, which puts you in line for a credit at tax time. The IRS requires an SEER of 16.00 or above to qualify for an Energy Star tax credit, and Trane’s XR15 falls into those requirements. With models ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons, the XR15 is the perfect choice for families looking to lower heating and air costs.

Considered a mid-tier model, the XR15 includes a Climatuff® compressor, which utilizes an all-aluminum frame that better dissipates heat. In addition to its high-quality compressor, the XR15 has SpinFin™ coils and a fan motor considered among the best on the market. The XR15 is also available in heat pump models.

The XR15 comes in sizes from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. With a  DuraTuff™ non-corrosive base pan and Quick-Sess cabinet, even the XR15’s components are built to last.

XB14—Affordable system with superior performance

Trane Air Conditioners - XB14

Trane Air Conditioners - XB14

You want a high-quality air conditioning and heating unit but you don’t have an unlimited budget. The XB14 will give you the Energy Star tax breaks you seek, while also reducing your energy bill, providing a savings your family budget will love.

Trane products offer superior construction and efficiency, ensuring your product will give you many years of comfort. With a Climatuff® compressor and an all-aluminum coil, the XB14’s components are tested before leaving the factory to make sure you’re getting the best quality available. Included with the XB14 is a rust-proof base pan, allowing you to use your new system for years without changing the pan. Full-side louvered panels protect your unit from the elements, which is important when choosing a unit that will be stored outside. Fasteners are weather-safe, as well, made from Weatherguard™ material that resists corrosion.

With any of Trane’s products, an optional CleanEffects™ filtration system can clear the air in your house of allergens, allowing your family to breathe more easily. Trane takes its products so seriously it had a team of professors from the Harvard School of Public Health test its CleanEffects™ system to verify the system provides top-quality filtering. With a filtration rate of 99.98% of all airborne pollutants, the CleanEffects™ filter has eight times the power of the best HEPA filtration systems.

With an eighty-year history of commitment to quality, Trane specializes in keeping homes cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. Trane handles both commercial and residential accounts, providing systems to some of the country’s most well-known buildings. But Trane provides more than heating and air, with dehumidifying products, as well as products that clean the air.

In addition to the tax credits, many Trane locations offer rebates. Check with your local Trane installer to see if any deals are currently available to help you. With any efficient air conditioner, the savings is in the installation. Ensure you use an authorized Trane installer to maximize your investment. Your Trane dealer will conduct a load calculation to determine the best unit for your home, as well as ensure all components are properly matched for maximum benefits. In order to be Energy Star compliant, the proper coils must be used.

All Trane products come with warranties on the compressor, the coils, and parts. But Trane’s commitment to quality and service will provide you a unit that will last long after the warranty period has ended. With a sales rat that averages one sale every minute of every day, Trane tests each product to exceed industry standards in its labs and design centers, located throughout the world.

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